The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed CD

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47 minute audio CD of
God's "New Message on the Imporverished and Oppressed"
as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
on April 18, 2008
in Tehran, Iran

The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed - "People want social change. They want political change. But they themselves often do not want to change. They want advantages. They want social improvement, and they need these as is so very often the case. But the movement of God must happen within you first. Changing the social order rarely brings benefit to everyone.

Sometimes this is the case. But if greater wisdom is not brought to bear, then social justice will only improve marginally, if at all. A new regime of power will come into play, promising justice but unable to deliver it, promising improvement but unable to deliver it. And then, as before, people will be burdened with oppressive work and little hope of advancement or improvement in their lives. 

The power of God has been placed within you, but it is not within your intellect. It is not at the surface of your mind. It is not conditioned or determined by your beliefs or your attitudes or even by the religious principles that you might adhere to.

It is not that God has failed to help humanity. It is that humanity has failed to hear God. It is not that God does not care about the human condition, the condition of your life and the lives around you. It is that God’s power and presence has not been recognized.

Once you have secured food, water, clothing, shelter, stability and security, you can begin to develop your inner life. This is not merely a distraction or an indulgence. It is fundamental to your success, for God speaks to you through your inner life, through the power of Knowledge that God has placed within you, which is so very different from your personal mind, your religious and social conditioning and the expectations of your family and others."

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