The New Message for Political Leaders CD

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30 minute audio CD of
God' "New Message for Political Leaders"
as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
on May 27, 2006
in Boulder, Colorado

The New Message for Political Leaders - "Even at this moment while humanity builds its defenses against one another, as it wages its economic, political and military conflicts with one another, you have a greater adversary at your doorstep, an adversary for whom you have not prepared, but who has indeed prepared for you. And this adversary, though small and though not equipped with military assets, has great skill in influencing human thinking and, therefore, human behavior.

If you have ever wondered what is flying around in your skies, mysterious objects that cannot be identified, that cannot be pursued, acting in a clandestine manner, you can be certain that an intervention is underway, and this intervention will undermine everything that humanity has ever established for its own benefit. To receive the wisdom and the blessings, the warning and the preparation of the New Message from God, every person who is in a position of leadership and responsibility must look with fresh eyes, with an open mind.

Perhaps this is difficult to achieve but the situation requires it, for you cannot be complacent regarding the Great Waves of Change, for as you yourself must realize, nature is unmerciful to the unprepared. And if you do not prepare then even God’s blessing will not be able to save you." 

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