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CD Kunaki -Building Strength
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Excerpt from: Building Strength and Resilience

As revealed to God’s Messenger
Marshall Vian Summers
on April 5, 2010
in Boulder, Colorado

Chapter 11: Journey to a New Life

"People assume they are ready for things they are not ready for. They assume, if given the opportunity, if given the encouragement, that they could undertake a more important set of tasks in their life. But the truth is they do not have the strength, and they do not yet have the capacity, and so great opportunities may come to them, but they will not be able to see it or to receive it. It will seem too demanding, too inconvenient, too disruptive to their current activities, too complex, too confusing, or just too difficult.

But what is a great opportunity but an opportunity to do something of a greater magnitude in your life? And this will certainly require more of you than your current activities require. It will require greater strength, greater courage, greater self-confidence, greater self-honesty. It will require many things from you.

Therefore, you prepare for your greater purpose before you know what it is. You prepare in part by building the qualities that you will need to have, the skills and abilities you will need to undertake a greater activity in life. Otherwise, you will not be able to rise to the occasion when that wonderful moment of recognition occurs, where you realize that a greater opportunity has come to you."

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