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Excerpt from: The Prison
As revealed to God’s Messenger
Marshall Vian Summers
on October 21, 2013
in Boulder, Colorado

Chapter 3: Journey to a New Life

"Today We speak of the prison within yourself, that which locks you in and holds you back and takes you out of life and separates you from that which you love, that denies you your destiny and your freedom. A prison without walls, without bars, without guards, an invisible prison, the prison in your own mind.

When you look at people, they are there, but they are not really there. They are locked away in their perspective and their attitudes and beliefs; in their grievances, their dreams, their hopes, their fears and anxieties. You speak to them, but they can barely hear you. You look at them, but they cannot really see you. You try to reach them with a gracious message, and they do not know what it is.

They appear to be free in certain nations. They can move about. They can, to a certain degree, determine their occupation, perhaps even have the freedom to choose whom to marry, which is still a rare freedom in the world. But they are still in the prison, you see. It is the prison of Separation, built over time and circumstance, shaping itself and determining what a person can see and not see, do and not do and hear and not hear.

Everyone’s prison is a little different, but the reality is still the same. It is your most fundamental problem, beyond acquiring for yourself the basic necessities of life, which for many people is still a grave and urgent need. But once this need has been sufficiently satisfied, and people have a reasonable degree of security in this matter, then they have to deal with gaining a different kind of freedom, a freedom that is not really imposed even from the outside, though it is reinforced there.

It is the prison, you see. You are walled in, kept out. You cannot respond to your Source. Knowledge within you, the deeper Intelligence that God has given you, is giving you signs and clues every day, but you do not hear, you do not feel. And if you do hear, you think it is something else, just another thought in the mind amongst all the other thoughts, which come from nowhere and have no value."


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