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A 29 minute audio CD of
God's New Message on "The Remembrance"

as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
on March 12, 2016
in Boulder, Colorado 

From The Journal: Patricia Summers speaks on Receiving The Remembrance.

The Remembrance

Today We shall speak on ‘The Remembrance’.

You carry within you the memory of your Ancient Home, deep beneath the surface of your mind, deep beneath the surface of that part of your mind that has been conditioned by the world and is fixated upon the world. But deeper within you, there is a greater remembrance, there is a greater Presence, there is a greater connection with your Spiritual Family beyond this world, who have sent you here, on a mission, with a purpose to fulfill.

You have not lost your connection to Heaven. In fact, you are tethered to Heaven even while you wander in the universe, living in Separation, living in Separation from all that truly is that is permanent and timeless and forever. But what is timeless and forever is not what your eyes see, or your ears hear, or what your hands can touch.

For you are living in a different kind of reality now, a temporary reality—temporary on a long time scale. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. And at this moment, you are somewhere in the middle, for the end is far ahead of you, and the beginning is far behind you.

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    Nasi Novare Coram

    Posted by Ray_Colorado on 22nd Oct 2016

    "As you take The Steps to Knowledge as you begin to allow Knowledge to reshape your life and The Remembrance to give you its strength courage and integrity you will look at others as if they are living in chains. Bound to ideas lost in their fear and their fantasies believing in their delusions trying to be happy trying to be comfortable trying to be secure but always feeling insecure always feeling uncomfortable always driven by anxiety. Their plight which was your plight before now becomes ever clearer, … and you will look upon them with compassion for you will see their dilemma more clearly and you will see more clearly the reality of living in separation apart from your Ancient Home and all that existed there, but now you have begun The Remembrance, … slowly, surely as your life begins to becomes simple and clear as your mind begins to open from its long and troubled dream of Separation. There is the remembrance. There is the feeling that you are not alone. There is the recognition that you are not really lost, lost as you were before. There is something more solid and permanent within you now that transcends belief and ideology. You can feel it and as you feel it, it becomes stronger and more prevalent in your life providing contrast and giving you freedom from constant anxiety and self repudiation. Your values change your priorities change naturally, ... because you are beginning to remember. As you remember … you feel Heaven smiling upon you … and your old fear of God your old fear of punishment your old fear of sin your old fear of being exposed to the Presence begins to melt away. Like ice upon the pond in the warmth of Heaven it begins to melt away. " The Remembrance