Humanity's Emergence into the Greater Community CD

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43 minute audio CD of
God's new message on "Humanity's Emergence into the Greater Community"

as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
on July 19, 2008
in Boulder, Colorado

Humanity's Emergence into the Greater Community - "Humanity stands at the threshold of space, at the threshold of a Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe. Though there are great problems here in the world, and though humanity is facing the Great Waves of Change that are coming to the world—environmental deterioration; diminishing resources; growing economic and political instability and the risk of competition, conflict and war—humanity has reached a great threshold in its evolution. It has reached a point of no return regarding its position within this Greater Community of intelligent life. Your isolation in the Universe is over. From this point on, you will have to contend with various forces coming to the world, seeking to gain advantage here." 

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