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Greater Community Spirituality - (English ebook)

SKU: ebook - ISBN: 978-1-884238-32-1

    Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation - A prophetic new understanding of God and human spirituality within a larger arena of intelligent life. Greater Community Spirituality is a spirituality that transcends all boundaries of race, culture, religion and language, providing the foundation for recognition and relationship between people, nations and worlds.

    GREATER COMMUNITY SPIRITUALITY is the New Message book of theology. It opens the way to a greater experience of God. This Message has never been presented in the world before and is not based upon any existing world religious tradition or philosophy. It is a new theology to prepare the human family for the great thresholds ahead. It is a doorway into a greater universe.


    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: What is God?

    Chapter 2: What is the World?

    Chapter 3: What is Life Force?

    Chapter 4: What is Knowledge?

    Chapter 5: What is Human Purpose?

    Chapter 6: What is the Greater Community?

    Chapter 7: How is Wisdom achieved in life?

    Chapter 8: Who is Wisdom meant for?

    Chapter 9: How does God participate in the world?

    Chapter 10: How do you prepare?

    Chapter 11: What is your preparation for?

    Chapter 12: Whom will you meet?

    Chapter 13: What must be unlearned?

    Chapter 14: What must be avoided?

    Chapter 15: Who serves humanity?

    Chapter 16: Who are the Unseen Ones?

    Chapter 17: How does revelation occur in human life?

    Chapter 18: What is human destiny?

    Chapter 19: What is religion?

    Chapter 20: What is religious education and who is it for?

    Chapter 21: What is The Greater Community Way of Knowledge?

    Chapter 22: Where can Knowledge be found?

    Chapter 23: How is Knowledge translated in the Greater Community?

    Chapter 24: What is Steps to Knowledge?

    Chapter 25: What is grace?

    Chapter 26: Who is Jesus?

    Chapter 27: What is the evolution of religion in the world?


    Chapter Excerpts



    “Greater Community Spirituality encompasses a larger panorama of life and includes all that has been created here and beyond, in all dimensions, in all frameworks. So complete is it that you cannot fathom its Mystery, exhaust its Wisdom or penetrate its Knowledge. But you can be the recipient of these things, and you can translate them into your own experience and apply them here at great bene¥åŒt to yourself and to others.”


    Chapter 1 - What is God?

    “In the Greater Community, God is complete. In your world, God is a God of your world, a God of your race, a God of your history, a God of your temperament, a God of your fears and aspirations, a God of your great heroes, a God of any of your great tragedies, a God that is related to your tribe and your time. But in the Greater Community, God is so much greater, so complete—beyond the definitions of any race, beyond the history of any race, beyond the temperament, fears and aspirations of any race, beyond the grasp of any individual or collective philosophy. And yet, you find God in a pure impulse, in a timeless moment of recognition, in the desire to act beyond the sphere of your own personal interests and motives, in the recognition of another, in the motive to give, in the inexplicable experience of affinity. These are translatable. This is God in action. For you, this is God.”


    Chapter 4 - What is Knowledge?

    “It is very important to give Knowledge a practical definition in the world, for Knowledge must lead to action. As an idea or an ideal, its value is very limited. As a motivating force that leads you, guides you, and even at times impels you to do certain things that transcend your personal interests, Knowledge has a meaningful definition. This is the experience of Knowledge.”


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