Preparing for the Greater Community (English ebook)

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Contact has begun, yet it is not Contact of a beneficial form for humanity. We are facing an alien Intervention into human affairs and this represents a threat to our freedom and survival as a race. And yet it also represents a great opportunity. Our isolation in the universe is now over, and humanity's emergence into the Greater Community has begun. This is perhaps the greatest event in human history and it is happening right now, in our time. Yet we are unaware and unprepared.

In addition, Contact is occurring at a time when we are racing towards a dangerous and uncertain future in our world. Humanity is outstripping the Earth of its life-giving resources at an alarming rate, changing the climate of the world and destroying the natural environment as never before. At the same time, political, social and religious conflict and division are escalating, fracturing the human family when instead we must be working to find a real and functioning unity to ensure our collective survival. We are divided, and this makes us vulnerable to outside influence and intervention from the universe around us.


T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


About the New Message from God 

Chapter 1 What is the Greater Community? 

Chapter 2 The Greater Community Presence in the World 

Chapter 3 Essential Truths about the Greater Community 

Chapter 4 Greater Community Intelligence and the Mental Environment 

Chapter 5 Resources, Trade and Competition in the Greater Community

Chapter 6 The Meaning of Spiritual Development in the Greater Community 

Chapter 7 The Great Challenge Awaiting Humanity 

Chapter 8 Developing a Greater Community Perspective and Understanding 

Chapter 9 Finding Knowledge 

Chapter 10 Gaining Strength and Influence in the Mental Environment 

Chapter 11 Developing Clarity and Discernment 

Chapter 12 Going Beyond the Limits of Human Religion and Belief 

Chapter 13 Human Responses to the Greater Community 

Chapter 14 Developing Certainty, Strength and Wisdom 

Chapter 15 Developing Greater Honesty 

Chapter 16 Relationships, Destiny and Calling 

Chapter 17 Beginning the Preparation  Epilogue 

Guidelines for Preparing for the Greater Community 

Important Terms 

The Story of the Messenger 

The Voice of Revelation 

About The Society for the New Message from God 

About the Worldwide Community of the New Message from God 



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