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CD Kunaki -Preparing for a Greater Role
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Excerpt from: Preparing for A Greater Role in the World 

As revealed to God’s Messenger
Marshall Vian Summers
on May 6, 2011
in Boulder, Colorado
Chapter 12, Journey to a New Life


"Your purpose will ultimately reveal a role for you, a role in conjunction with others, a role in conjunction with certain needs in the world that you are designed to attend to and to address. This is not a role that you make up for yourself, based upon whatever spiritual ideas you have put together for yourself.

People do this, of course. They want to become an enlightened teacher, an avatar, a spiritual prince or princess, a prophet. But you cannot create these roles. They are really given to you from Greater Powers, and you must work very hard to assume them and to function within them successfully and beneficially.

People want to use all their normal attitudes and beliefs to attain a higher goal and a higher role in life. But it is all of these approaches and assumptions and habits of thinking that must be penetrated if you are to make your true discovery and to be ready to assume the role, and the greater responsibility that goes along with it."


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