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Excerpt From: The Awakening

As revealed to
Marshall Vian Summers
on October 20, 2008
in Boulder, Colorado
Chapter 1, Journey to a New Life

"There is a deeper Knowledge within you, a deeper Intelligence that is not the product of your being in the world, that is not a construction of social influences and patterns of thought and behavior. It is Intelligence that is in the world, but not of the world. We call this Knowledge because it is related to your experience of profound insight and awareness.

Your need for this Knowledge will grow once you begin to entertain a deeper set of questions about your life. You will realize that the intellect has only ideas, and even if they seem to be very well considered ideas, or ideas with a long tradition with many commentators, they are still only ideas.

But you are living with something like a living Presence within yourself that is not really the product of ideas. You will have ideas about it. You will try to understand it. You will try to look for evidence or commentary regarding it from other important people, and that is appropriate. But you are still dealing with something beyond the realm of the intellect—a deeper manifestation, a deeper sense of purpose, a deeper and greater set of forces."


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