The New Message on Freedom CD

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54 minute audio CD of
God's new message on "Freedom"
as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
February 3, 2008
in Boulder, Colorado 

"Everyone wants freedom—the freedom to survive, the freedom to be secure, the freedom to meet the basic needs of life—food, water, clothing and shelter. Everyone wants the freedom to pursue their goals and interests. Everyone wants the freedom to establish meaningful relationships with others. 

"Whatever form the desire for freedom takes, it is universal, both within this world and within the Greater Community of worlds around you. Beyond meeting certain basic requirements of life, freedom represents a deeper need of the soul and this deeper need expresses itself through a person’s understanding, through their ideas and associations. But the pure impulse comes from deeper within them, beyond the realm of the intellect or intellectual understanding.

"While everyone wants freedom and everyone needs freedom, very few people in the world today understand what freedom is and what freedom is really for. Certainly everyone one wants freedom from things. They want freedom from deprivation. They want freedom from harm. They want freedom from the challenges and difficulties of living in the physical reality. They want freedom from oppression. They want freedom from illness. They want freedom from so many things. The lists will go on and on and on. At a very basic level, they want freedom for things to meet the basic requirements of life and so forth.

"But what freedom is really for, once these requirements have been met, once a certain degree of stability and security has been established, which today has not been established for so many people? Once this is established then the desire for freedom continues. It is not satisfied when you have enough to eat and drink, when you have a shelter, adequate clothing, even when you have meaningful and supportive relationships, even when you have adequate employment, even when you have met all of the basic needs that remain unfulfilled for so many people in the world today—the yearning for freedom continues."

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