The Origin of the Messenger

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37 minute audio CD
“The Origin of the Messenger”
As revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
August 1, 2012
in Boulder, CO


The Origin of the Messenger - "People have no idea what it means to be a Messenger or how Messengers are selected or prepared. They want to worship heroes or deny them altogether.

They want to believe the Messenger is the Message, but the Message is always greater than the Messenger. People will base their whole view and approach on their attitude towards the Messenger, but the Message is always more important.

People cannot live with the Message, so they obsess over the Messenger. But they do not understand the Messenger. They have no idea where the Messenger comes from and how the Messenger is selected above and beyond everyone else. Many people think there cannot be one Messenger. There must be many Messengers, or they themselves should be a Messenger.

Into a world of Separation, one representing a greater union will be misconstrued and misperceived. It cannot be avoided.

The Angelic Host, the Angelic Assembly, selects the Messenger for every particular world where a Messenger is required. And a Messenger is only selected at times of great change, difficulty and opportunity for a race, for a given world. Such great turning points only come very infrequently."

Please note: This revelation is also available for free download on the New Message website. 

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