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The Greater Community - Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe - (English ebook)

SKU: ebook - ISBN: 978-1-942293-41-5

    The Greater Community - Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe

    The Greater Community is a book of Revelation given by the Creator of all life to the human family through the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers.

    In this book of Revelation, God is throwing open the doors to the universe of intelligent life in which our world has always existed. Here God is revealing to humanity the “Greater Community” of worlds in which we live and with this our destiny to emerge out of our isolation in the universe as a free and self-determined race. Only God could provide a Revelation such as this. Only God could give humanity a true and clear picture of life in the universe, for God is the Author of all life in the universe.

    This book contains revelations about life in the universe never presented to humanity before. Here God is preparing us for the realities, the challenges and the opportunities of engaging with life on a larger scale. With this is presented the awareness and education we will need to protect our freedom and sovereignty, and to contribute the spiritual gifts of our world in a larger community of life in the universe.

    Only a Revelation from the Creator of all life could bring this to you. Throughout human history, the Creator has given successive Revelations to meet the growing needs of people and nations at great turning points in the evolution of humanity. Through the Prophets, Messengers and revealed Teachings of the past, God’s Revelations have entered the world at specific times to advance human awareness and awaken humanity to the needs and opportunities of that time and the times to come.

    However, none of God’s previous Revelations could prepare us for the reality of the Greater Community and reveal the meaning and destiny of human spirituality within this larger context of life. Humanity simply had not progressed that far in ancient times. The tribes and nations of the world had not yet developed into an international community capable of world awareness and communication. The world had been visited on a small scale in ancient times, but nothing like the scale of contact underway today. Humanity had not yet arrived at the threshold of emerging into a Greater Community of life in the universe.

    Now that threshold has come, and the process of Revelation is continuing anew through a New Message from God, of which The Greater Community is but a small part. The words of this text are a direct communication from God, translated into human language by the Angelic Presence that watches over this world, and then spoken through the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers, who has given over 30 years of his life to this process of Revelation. 




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