Enduring Love - CD

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A 34 minute audio CD of
God's New Message on Enduring Love
as received by Marshall Vian Summers
on March 12, 2011
in Boulder, Colorado


“Your experience of love emanates from the deeper well of Knowledge within yourself. It is the power and the evidence that you have a greater life and a greater Intelligence within you.
This is a love that is not driven by images or passions, obsessions or addiction. This is not the love that accompanies the thrill of purchasing something new or having an exciting encounter with someone.
It is a love that emanates from a greater well within you, representing a deeper relationship with yourself, a deeper relationship with another and with people everywhere.
It is a kind of love that can withstand great upheaval and loss, a love that is not diminished as you face calamity in your life or difficult challenges or situations.
It is a love not born of ambition, excitement and attachment, but of a deeper recognition within you—a deeper resonance with Knowledge within yourself, the greater Mind that God has given you to guide you, to protect you and to prepare you for living a greater life in the world.
This love is stimulated by true recognition of another, by true compassion towards others, by true empathy towards others.”

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