The Great Love CD

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48 minute audio CD of
God's new message on "The Great Love"
as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

on November 23, 2007
in Boulder, Colorado

An audio download and text are available at no cost at

 The Great Love - "Around the world, love is held to be in the highest esteem, as a pinnacle of human experience. Love is sung about in songs and written about in poetry. It is exalted in great literature. It is bandied about in normal conversation. People claim they are in love, that love is the ultimate, that all you need in the world is love and everything will work out just fine.

But very few people understand what love really is. And very few people have experienced love at a deeper level—beyond fascination, beyond infatuation and attachment. Few people have experienced the real power and current of love. In addition, many people associate certain kinds of behaviors, beliefs and attitudes with love—gentleness and passivity are associated with love. Peace and harmony are associated with love.

But really what is this deeper love? Not a love that is simply a fixation, an infatuation or an attachment, but a deeper kind of love that is redemptive, that emanates from a deeper place within the individual. Beyond this, what is God’s love, the love of God? Is this merely an infatuation, a fixation or an attachment? Most people will say no, but they are unclear what the love of God really means and how this love is expressed and how it can be translated into the world effectively."