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Excerpt from: The Great Truth

As revealed to God’s Messenger
Marshall Vian Summers
on December 25, 2007
in Boulder, Colorado

Chapter 13: Journey to a New Life

"There is a great truth about your being in the world, a great truth that you cannot alter, that you cannot change, that you cannot remake into something that you would prefer or something that other people would expect of you. The great truth is about you and your relationship with the world and why you have been sent into the world at this particular time, under these particular circumstances. For it is no accident that you are here and that you have come at this time.

Though it seems to be a mystery to you, it is very clear to those who have sent you. And while your memory of your Ancient Home is erased—or seemingly so, as you enter this life, as you take the long journey to becoming a human being, to becoming part of a society, part of a family, a part of civilization—that memory still resides within you. And though perhaps you cannot see it now or feel its presence, it holds true nonetheless.

For there is a great truth that you have been sent into the world, to serve the world in a unique way in concert with certain other individuals, within certain circumstances. You are designed and equipped to do this, and that is why you have a unique nature and personality. That is why you have certain inherent strengths and predispositions.

Yet without this greater purpose to guide you and to give meaning and value to your life, how can you understand your individual nature? How can you understand yourself? You cannot, for you are meant to be part of something greater, something beyond your own evaluation, something beyond the identity that your family or culture alone can give you."


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