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Excerpt from: The Revolution
As revealed to God’s Messenger
Marshall Vian Summers
on May 24, 2011
in Boulder, Colorado

Chapter 4: Journey to a New Life

"You were born with two minds, the Mind that God created and the mind that has been shaped and conditioned by the world, your worldly mind. At this moment, you have these two minds.

The worldly mind you are probably very familiar with since it dominates you almost a hundred percent of the time. That does not mean you are fully aware of it or all of its thoughts and impulses, for people are very afraid to go to experience certain parts of their worldly mind—the dark and fearful parts, the dangerous parts, the mysterious parts.

People keep striving into the future, in part to run away from their current experience, and that is why most people cannot sit still for five minutes. They are afraid of their own mind, the worldly mind.

Yet there is a deeper Mind within you, the Mind We call Knowledge. It represents the part of you that has never left God. It is not religious because when you are connected to God, there is no need for religion. Religion does not make any sense. There is just reality. But this is a deeper and greater reality than the reality that you experience in your worldly mind.

So you have these two minds. They are so very different. One is far more powerful than the other. The purpose of all spiritual practice is to bring you to the deeper Mind. It is not merely to have faith in God, or faith in the prophets, or faith in one’s beliefs and religious principles.

The real purpose of spiritual practice is to bring you to the deeper Mind, to connect your worldly mind to the deeper Mind. For the deeper Mind cannot serve your worldly mind, and your worldly mind must serve the deeper Mind."

It is only here that you find true integrity. It is only here that you are fully yourself. It is only here that you find your greater strength, purpose and destiny. It is only at this level that you can truly discern relationships and know who to be with and how to be with them, regardless of other attractions or inducements. There is no greater value or reward in the world, or in any world in the universe, than to reconnect with the deeper Mind.

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